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Fannish Chatter for the All-American Rejects


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The All-American Rejects Capslock Comm


This is aar_capslock, a community for the fannish love of and chatter about The All-American Rejects. We accept everything here, so long as it's love orientated! So come in and have fun.

Even squee communities have them!

Most importantly, be respectful. Of the band, of each other, of the bands' family, girlfriends, pets... This is a love comm, y'all!

Which is not to say you can't come here and rant about Mike's hairstyle, or Tyson's (amazing!) glitter fetish. (But if you do, bring pictures! We all like pictures!) Just make sure it's not a personal attack on them, because if it is all your hard work will be lost when the mods delete your post.

Keep it on topic, please! This is an All-American Rejects comm. If AAR appear in the background of your perfect Fall Out Boy picture and you want to squee about Patrick Stump, or you spend three lines on them in your four thousand-word concert report, you may want to consider posting to another, more appropriate comm. Of course, if AAR are in the background of your perfect Fall Out Boy picture, and you're wishing Pete Wentz in hell for getting in the way of your Nick-love, then this is the place for you!

On that note, random ad-posts/ridiculous spam/trolls will be deleted, simple as. Don't abuse unmoderated posting, because we do not want to make it moderated.

A side-point/continuation of that; please do not pimp here without asking the mods first. It's a logistical, practical thing more than anything else - just drop us a line if you want to pimp something here, please! Pimping a comm here is a tacit admission that the comm and the mods are OK with it, and we want to know what we're being affiliated with, however tenuous that affiliation is.

This has all been very "delete! delete!" so far! So we'll say now that everything else, everything else goes, ok? Spread the love.

But do please LJ-cut big entries. :D A rough guide, 'big' entries means more than one picture, more than a drabble-sized fic and a rant/squee which takes up half your screen when you preview it. Anticipation is the spice of life! Cut your entries. ^_^

A rough guide to posting fic/fanmixes/fanart:

Disclaimer: (i.e. None of this is true and I am in no way affiliated with those mentioned here.)

Feel free to copy and paste from here if you're unsure! Though please be aware that you will need to be creating your post in the 'HTML' option, or you'll need to take out the coding.

If your fic is g-rated and has no surprise!squicks/kinks, you can leave out the Rating/Warnings section. But if it is NC-17, starts off with graphic BDSM, and you haven't rated it or warned for it? You will be getting a little nudge from your friendly neighbourhood mods. Equally, if you haven't disclaimed your fic, we will be reminding you! Use the example disclaimer if you would like. ^_^ If in doubt, get in contact with one of us! We're happy to help.


Comment in our welcome post if you'd like to affiliate with us.

And remember guys:

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